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donald trump health update: donald trump doctor announced, american president will be able to go public from saturday - donald trump doctor announced american president will go public from saturday


  • Dr. Donald Conley of Donald Trump has said that from Saturday the President will be able to return to the public
  • Conley made this announcement at a time when Trump Corona was found positive a week ago
  • He released important indicators of the President for the first time after being corona positive.

US President Donald Trump’s doctor Sheen Conley has said that President Donald Trump will be able to return to the public from Saturday. Dr. Conley made this announcement at a time when Trump Corona virus positives were found a week ago. He released all his important indicators for the first time since President Trump’s corona positive.

Dr. Conley said that Trump’s pulse, blood pressure and oxygen levels in the blood are all normal. Trump said he would address a rally in Florida on Saturday. Can also hold another rally on Sunday. On Saturday, 9 days will be completed for Trump being Corona positive. Trump is going to rally at a time when most scientists say that after the onset of corona symptoms, it remains in effect for the next 10 days.

Earlier, after recovering from the corona virus infection, President Trump announced that he would not participate in the second presidential debate on October 15. He said in an interaction with Fox News that he did not agree with the proposal of the Debates Commission to make a virtual presidential debate. Therefore, they will not argue with Joe Biden on 15 October.

Donald Trump trails his opponent Joe Biden
On Thursday, the Debate Commission announced that the upcoming debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden due to the corona virus would be held online. The commission said the upcoming debate would be a town-hall style event. In which both participants will be involved from different locations through virtual means. Trump had indicated on Tuesday that he would be debating a stage with Joe Biden, despite recovering from a Corona infection. He had also hoped to be very good by tweeting it.

Let me tell you that in the first debate Donald Trump trailed his rival Joe Biden. Trump’s top aides and advisors had also hoped in recent days that the president would participate in the upcoming debates. There is only one month left for the US presidential election. During this time, the approval rating is being seen. Donald Trump is seen trailing in it. His opponent and candidate from Democratic Party Joe Biden is leading 10 points.


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