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Rest of Europe News: Denmark waged 'war' against Sharia, summons ambassador for Iranian embassy intervention - denmark crackdown against sharia and islam, summons iranian ambassador afsaneh nadipour

Denmark has launched a campaign against increasing Islamization in the country. Action has also been intensified against the Imams who propagate Sharia. At the same time, Denmark’s Foreign Ministry has summoned the ambassador when the Iranian Embassy’s connection to increase Islamic activities in the country comes to the fore. Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod has described Iranian interference in Danish law as unacceptable.

Iranian ambassador summoned
He said that we have come to know the role of the Iranian embassy in Sharia divorce contracts. We have summoned Iranian Ambassador Afasneh Nadipore for this. We will seek their clarification on this issue. Politics in Denmark has also intensified over Iran’s alleged involvement. Opposition parties there have strongly condemned Prime Minister Mette Fredericksen.

Government said – no interference from foreign
Foreign Minister JeppĂ© Kofod said that we would not accept the Orani embassy in any shape or form to be involved in matters that go against Danish law or our basic democratic values. We have called for Iranian Ambassador Afasaneh Nadipor to clarify the Iranian Embassy’s involvement in matters of religious sanctions.

Iran is provoking Muslim women!
There have been reports of Muslim women living in Denmark being forced to accept divorce contracts granted according to Sharia law. It states that the Iranian embassy is asking Muslim women living here to press for the Danish government’s divorce papers to be religiously recognized.

A new law will be enacted to provide strict punishment
A new law is also being introduced in Denmark to include provisions for stricter punishment against imams involved in it. Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye said that when we see Imams getting involved in divorce cases in such a negative way, we need to take it more seriously. I think a change in the law may help to do so, as we cannot give imams a safe way to mediate divorce.

Almost all the parties supported the new bill
Several parties, including Denmark’s leftist Red-Green coalition and the liberal-conservative Weinstre, are ready to support the new bill. At the same time, the Ethnic Minorities Council has announced to oppose the bill. Halima Al Abasi, spokeswoman for this council, said the government should punish only those who are involved.


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