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Asian countries News: US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan to reach Andaman, China will end in Asia

The US has intensified a strategic siege in Asia to overthrow China. Three of its 20 aircraft and helicopter carriers, which are said to be a symbol of American strength, are continuously patrolling in different areas of Asia. The USS Ronald Reagan, a US-based aircraft carrier, has reached Andaman to prevent China’s infiltration into the Indian Ocean. America has deployed 90 deadly fighter aircraft and more than 3000 marines on this nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

America is increasing strength in Indian Ocean
Open source intelligence @detresfa_ tweeted that this aircraft carrier was sighted a while back near the Malacca Strait. It is believed that it will also go to the American Naval Base Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The US has also recently deployed a B-2 bomber here. The US is trying to put pressure on China by increasing its strategic strength in the region.

USS Ronald Regan 03

America’s three aircraft carriers stationed in Asia
The US has deployed three of its aircraft carriers in the region to curb China’s growing activities in the Indian Ocean. One of them is UAS Theodore Roosevelt patrolling in the Philippine Sea while the other is patrolling near the Gulf countries. At the same time, buoyed by America’s aggressive activities, China is repeatedly threatening war.

How powerful is the USS Ronald Reagan
The USS Ronald Reagan is considered very powerful in America’s supercarriers. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was commissioned into the US Navy on 12 July 2003. The Yokosuka Naval Base of Japan is the homebase of this aircraft carrier. This is part of the Career Strike Group 11 which alone has the power to ruin many countries on its own. The 332-meter-long aircraft carrier deploys around 90 combat aircraft and helicopters and around 3000 naval personnel.

USS Ronald Regan 02

Aircraft Carriers, Nuclear Bombers and Missiles… America Surrounding China

America’s 7th fleet had reached the war against India
Aircraft carrier UAS Nimits is included in the US’s seventh fleet. The fleet reached the Bay of Bengal during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War (Bangladesh Liberation War). Its purpose was to assist the Pakistani army in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). But at that time Russia stood firmly with India. Due to which the seventh fleet of America returned.

These benefits from encircling China in the Indian Ocean
Along with India, the US, Japan and Australia are set to surround China in the Indian Ocean. If the dragon has any snowball now, he will have to bear the consequences. The bulk of China’s trade goes to the Gulf and African countries via the Indian Ocean. Whereas, China imports the bulk of its energy needs through this route. If the Indian Navy blocks this route, then China will have to bear the brunt of many things including oil. At present, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is not even completed, so China cannot do any import-export this way.


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