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Asian countries News: Another disclosure of Kim Jong Un's cruelty, fed with 'human ash' water on watching foreign show - kim jong un north korea force to prisoners to drink water containing the ashes of dead inmates for watching a foreign tv show

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s stories of cruelty are well known. Sometimes they fire their political opponents with cannon, sometimes they make small mistakes to get their relatives in front of hungry wild dogs. His craze and cruelty was also mentioned by US President Donald Trump himself. He told Bob Woodward, the author of the book Rage, that Kim had shown the head corpse of his uncle Zhang Song Thaik to North Korean officials.

Drink water with the ashes of dead bodies
Recently a prisoner who has escaped from North Korea prison has revealed that he was also given terrible punishment for watching foreign TV shows there. These prisoners were forced to drink the water of the river filled with the ashes of their dead fellow prisoners in the jail. The prisoner said that in the North Korea’s Chongri Construction Camp, inmates are also treated badly with animals.

Inmate escaped from jail, confirmed the claims
The prisoner has been interviewed by the Washington-based Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK). The prisoner’s name and identity have been kept secret for security reasons. He also told that the dead prisoners’ bodies were kept in a warehouse before being burnt, where rats and other animals also ate them. This team has also confirmed what the prisoner said with the help of satellite image.

Punishment for watching foreign channels or following Christianity
In this camp, people are imprisoned for watching a TV channel in South Korea or following Christianity. Inmates are tortured inhumanly by naming the prison a concentration camp. Every week, some prisoner also dies here. Which is burnt in the crematorium inside the camp.

Bodies were burnt on Monday
The former prisoner told that the corpses are burnt in the camp on Monday every week. This place looks like a house. We put corpses in a round tank built in it. The smell of which was also difficult to live there. Later, we used to keep the ashes of the dead bodies piled outside this crematorium. Which was used as fertilizer in farming.

Ashes of dead bodies were found in the river in the rain
Whenever it rained, the ashes of the dead bodies flowed from the nearby river. We were given water from this river for drinking and bathing. Most deaths occurred here due to injury, illness, or ‘physical and mental abuse’ by prison officials.


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