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america News: Victoria Woodhull: First woman candidate for US President, President Grant was given a tough fight - who was the first female candidate for the us presidency, know about victoria woodhull

In the US these days the atmosphere of presidential elections is hot. Current President Donald Trump is the candidate from the Republican Party, while former Vice President Joe Biden stands before him from the Democratic Party. This time in the US elections, only the Democratic Party has fielded Kamala Harris as the female candidate for the post of Vice President. She is seen giving a tough fight to current Vice President Mike Pence.

Hillary gave a tough fight to Trump
In the 2016 election, Donald Trump was strongly challenged by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. However, she could not win the election and with this, America once again missed out on getting the first woman president. Until 1920, most women in America did not even have the right to vote. After this, the 19th amendment to the US Constitution gave women the right to vote. Do you know who was the first female candidate for President in the US? Let us tell you.

Victoria Woodhull – First US presidential candidate
In 1872, Victoria Woodhull set a record for becoming the first female candidate for the US presidential race. He contested against 18th President Ulysses S. Grant as a candidate for the Equal Ride Party. However, she lost the election by a large margin because then in American society all women neither had the right to vote nor were they considered equal to men.

Reformist movement intensified in America
His own efforts made it a rule to work eight hours a day in America. He made abolition of women’s suffrage and capital punishment his election issue. He had strongly placed his demand before the Congress on equal voting rights. In addition, she was also the first woman to open a female-owned brokerage firm on the famous Wall Street.

The election was fought despite not having merit
Victoria Woodhull could neither live in the White House nor be made the President of the United States even after winning the election. This was not due to her being a woman but due to her lack of ability to become president in the constitution. In the US Constitution, no citizen under the age of 35 can become the President. However, she was 34 when Woodhull contested.


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