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Pakistan News: Ruckus over ban on 'witches' web series in Pakistan, people said - it's a shame - churails web series ban in pakistan, audience and pakistani celebs speak up in support, says this is shame for us

There has been a ruckus since the ban on the witches web series in Pakistan. There, along with TV and film artists, common people are opposing this decision of the government. Many people have called it a shame for Pakistan. People say that violence and rape against women in our country can be shown on TV but this has scared the contractors of our society. These people only want to increase the hypocrisy in the country.

Series director outraged by Pak government
British-Pakistani director Asim Abbasi has also attacked the Pakistan government fiercely for banning the witches web series. He said how strange it is that on one hand ‘witches’ are being praised worldwide, on the other hand it has been banned in their own country.’ Abbasi described it as’ crushing the freedom of artists.

Why was there a ban in Pakistan
This serial aired on G5 in India tells the reality of male dominated society. It is being well liked in India. Social evils such as child abuse, forced marriages, abusive labor conditions, race and class domination and suicide have been depicted. This is why the social contractors of Pakistan pressurized the government to ban the series.

Pak artist Jhalaya Sarhadi said embarrassing
Pakistani TV actress Jhalaya Sarhadi termed the ban on this series as shameful. He said that the contractors of our society only want to promote hypocrisy. We can show women harassed and raped, but if they want to start the conversation, then we take full power in our hands and ban it. It is a shame for us.

Singer Simon Ismail said – how is this vulgar
Pakistani singer, songwriter and musician Shamon Ismail said that witches show the real aspects of our society. If people consider it vulgar to show it, then I would say that they do something for the ill-treatment like rape and forced marriage before closing their eyes.


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