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Rest of Europe News: So will China's team of choice investigate the genesis of Covid-19?  WHO submitted the list of experts - world health organization is awaiting China approval on experts list to investigate origin of covid-19

The World Health Organization has also left it to China to choose experts to investigate the genesis of the corona virus. For this, the WHO has submitted a list of experts to China, which includes the names of those who will investigate the case. This United Nations organization is now waiting for the seal of China. It is believed that the WHO may also face criticism for its decision. He has already been accused of being a persecutor of China.

Two-member parties have already done preparations
The WHO’s decision-making unit, the World Health Assembly (WHA), at its annual conference in May, unanimously passed a proposal to investigate the origin of the virus. China also supported this proposal. This unit is currently headed by India. A two-member WHO team visited China in August and completed the groundwork to locate the source of the Kovid-19.

Experts from all over the world join this team
Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergency Program, said in a special meeting of the organization’s executive board on Monday that he had chosen candidates from around the world for the mission, and the decision is now to be made by the South China Morning Post. Who will be in the international team and when will they come to China?

WHO did not tell when sent the list
Ryan told the advisory group of representatives of the member countries that a list of candidates had been submitted to the Chinese authorities for their consideration. He did not say when the list was sent. The virus first appeared in Wuhan city of China in December last year and later became a global pandemic.

Investigation pressure increased on WHO
According to the report, at Monday’s meeting, representatives from the US, EU, Australia called on the WHO to send the team and share more information about the mission. It is also said in the news that the WHO member cannot send any party to his country without the approval of the country.


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