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Vladimir Putin's 'girlfriend' missing after giving birth to two children in Russia

Alina Kabayeva, formerly known as Russia’s former gymnast and the country’s President Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend, has been missing since giving birth to two children. He was last seen in the year 2018. Alina is said to have been two months pregnant at the time. He gave birth to two children in a hospital in Moscow in April last year. These children are believed to be from Putin. There is no information about Alina since the birth of the child. With this, the mystery is being deepened about them.

Alina became MP from Putin’s United Rasiya Party

Alina has been a famous and successful gymnast and has twice won gold medals, 14 world championships and 25 European championships at the Olympics. She joined politics after retiring from the sport and became an MP from Putin’s United Rasiya Party. According to The Sun’s report, Alina took a semi-nude picture in a magazine and has worked in a film. He also tried to make a career in singing. He recently worked as the boss of the National Media Group, which has the exclusive rights to show Netflix in Russia.

Rumor of romance between Putin and Alina

The rumor of a romance between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Alina first erupted in 2008. Earlier in 2004, Alina’s name was associated with Russian leader David Musseliani. However, the two separated after one year. The Russian newspaper Moskovsky Korrespondent first revealed that there was a love affair between Putin and Alaina but later the news was denied and the newspaper was closed. In the year 2015, rumors were raised that Alina has given birth to a child whose father is Putin. This news was also denied.

Alina gave birth to two children in a hospital

In the year 2019, there was a news that Alina gave birth to two children in a hospital in Moscow. The report said that when these children were born, the VIP floor of the entire hospital was evacuated so that Alina could live in it easily. Later the Moskovsky Korrespondent newspaper, which gave this news, deleted the whole news and blew it from the internet. Earlier, Putin married Lyudmila Shakrebneva in the year 1983. Putin has two daughters from Lyudmila. One is named Maria Putina and the other is named Yekaterina Putina.

Divorce between Putin and Lyudmila

The rumor of divorce between Putin and Lyudmila was confirmed which was confirmed in the year 2013. The Sun quoted sources as saying that Putin is a very private man. He has been hiding his two daughters through fake IDs for years. Even now when he discusses his daughters, they do not take his name. He said, ‘If Alina gave children His birth is the strongest sign of his disappearance. Putin is alert to the extent of cynicism about the safety of his family.


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