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america news: pakistan lies in un, accused india for pushing terrorist outfits in cross border attacks

New York
Even from international forums like the United Nations, Pakistan did not desist from lying. In the United Nations General Assembly, Pakistan alleged that India is sending banned terrorist organizations like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Jamaat-ul-Ahrar for cross-border attacks. The Pakistani spokesman also alleged that these terrorist organizations are targeting his army and common people.

Accused of terrorist attack on India
Jehanzeb Khan, the first secretary of the Pakistani mission to the United Nations, lied while pretending that thousands of Pakistanis have been killed and injured in India-sponsored terror attacks in the past decade. Pakistan abused its right to reply, saying that India has used terrorism against its neighboring countries, especially Pakistan.

Pakistan again struck the chord of Kashmir
Following in the footsteps of its Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Pakistani diplomat alleged that India has targeted the Muslim population in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that India is carrying out attacks using mercenary terrorists to disrupt the Pakistan China Economic Project (CPEC). During this time, Pakistani diplomat also linked the terrorist attack on the Chinese embassy and Karachi stock market, making false claims without any evidence.

India stopped speaking of Pakistan in UN
At the United Nations, India stopped speaking of Pakistan on the issue of human rights. Senthil Kumar, the first secretary in the Indian Permanent Mission in Geneva, had flouted Pakistan’s allegations about human rights during India’s right to respond. He said that mother, sister and daughters are facing the plight in Pakistan and their Prime Minister Imran Khan calls it New Pakistan.

Government is intimidating human rights defenders in Pakistan
India had said that human rights defenders in Pakistan are being intimidated and threatened with the direct involvement of the Pakistani government. They are being secretly detained and tortured. To silence people, even the disappearance is being done. Daughters, sisters and mothers in Pakistan are in a predicament and Imran Khan calls it New Pakistan. Instructions are being shot at people in the name of terrorism.


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