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Rest of Europe News: Nobel Prize in Literature 2020: Louise Glouc of America received the Nobel Prize for Literature, know why the honor was awarded - nobel prize in literature 2020 is awarded to the american poet louise gluck

The Nobel Prize for Literature for the year 2020 has been given to American poet Louise Gl├╝ck. The Swedish Academy announced the award, stating that Lewis was given this honor for his unmatched poetic voice, which beautifully personalizes individual existence. Lewis is a professor of English at Yale University. He was born in 1943 in New York.

This award was given to Peter Handka in 2019
In 2019, the Nobel Prize for Literature was given to Austrian-originated writer Peter Handka. He was given this award for innovative writing and the latest experiments in the language. At the same time, the 57-year-old Nobel of Literature was awarded to Polish writer Tokarchuk for making a narrative hypothesis beyond the boundaries of life.

Nobel Prize for Literature has been postponed 2 times
The Nobel Prize for Literature has been postponed twice in the 119-year history of the Nobel Prize, which began in 1901. It was first postponed during World War II in 1943. It was postponed for the second time in 2018 due to accusations of sexual abuse by the husband of the Swedish Academy jury member Katrina and French photographer Jane Clode Arnaultpar.

What is Nobel Prize
The Nobel Prize is awarded every year on 10 December since the fifth death anniversary of the Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel for outstanding contributions in various fields. Nobel invented explosive dynamite. He was very unhappy with his invention being used in the war. As a measure of this, he arranged for the Nobel Prize in his will. He wrote in his will that the majority of his wealth be kept in a fund and his annual interest should be rewarded to those who have made outstanding contributions to mankind.

The series of Nobel Prizes started from the year 1901
The first Nobel Prizes were awarded in the year 1901 in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Peace. This was Alfred Nobel’s fifth death anniversary. Nobel was born in 1833 in Stockholm. His father used to make war weapons. Later, Noble also became a great scientist in chemistry. In the year 1867, he invented extremely explosive dynamite. On 10 December 1896, Nobel died in Saun Remo, Italy. Nobles were in fact followers of peace. In the last days of his life, he was deeply remorseful about his infidelities which caused great havoc in the war. As a result of this, he arranged for the Nobel Prizes in his will and wrote that most of his wealth should be awarded to those who have done excellent work towards the welfare of mankind.

Nobel is the world’s most prestigious award
Nobel is considered the world’s most prestigious award today. Its winners include the world’s celebrities. Nobel prizes have been awarded to celebrities such as the great scientist Albert Einstein, author JB Shaw, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences selects Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economic. The Swedish Royal Caroline Medico-Surgical Institute announces the winners in the field of medicine. The Swedish Academy announces the Nobel Prizes in the field of literature and the Norwegian Parliaments Awards in the field of peace.


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