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vladimir putin us election: US election 2020: Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in trying both Donald Trump and Joe Biden


  • Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized Joe Biden’s ‘anti-Russia rhetoric’
  • However, Putin also praised Joe Biden’s comments on arms control.
  • Putin also regretted Trump’s failure to improve relations between Moscow and Washington

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday criticized presidential Democratic candidate Joe Biden for his “anti-Russia rhetoric”, but also praised his comments on arms control. In his first detailed statement on the upcoming presidential election in the US, Putin also regretted President Donald Trump’s failure to improve relations between Moscow and Washington.

Putin said that there is agreement between the Republican and Democratic Party to ‘control Russia and stop its development’. These remarks by Putin, broadcast on Russian state television, have several implications, such as favoring Trump, as well as efforts to increase proximity to the Biden camp. He said that during the debate last week, Biden called Trump a ‘loyalist to Putin’ which is in fact a compliment to Russia and it ‘really enhances our reputation’ because of the unprecedented influence and strength we have I am talking

US and Russia relations go into abyss
The US-Russia relationship has gone into the abyss on many issues, including Russia interference in the 2016 presidential election in the US. Last month, Microsoft said that Russia’s intelligence military organization, which had made inroads into the Democratic Party, made similar attempts to infiltrate the computer systems of more than 200 organizations, including political parties and consultants.

Putin has denied allegations of interference in the US election, but US intelligence officials believe Russia is trying various measures to discredit Biden, and people associated with Russia are pushing for Trump’s re-election. Huh. Throughout his campaign, Biden has been a critic of Russia, and his attitude towards Russia was similar during his presidency.

Putin also praised Biden’s announcement
Putin said of Biden’s ‘anti-Russia statements’ that it is something like, ‘Unfortunately we are used to it’. He was also praised by Biden on the announcement of Biden to pursue the New Start Arms Control Treaty. The term of this treaty is to end in February. There was no progress in the talks between the US and Russia on the extension of this agreement (arms control).

Russian diplomats say the Trump administration is unlikely to extend the agreement. Putin had said, “This is a very serious factor in the possible cooperation between us in the future.” He also said that Russia is ready to work together with any future US president.


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