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Meteorites rain in the sky of october

October sky is going to be full of fireworks like night time. In the evening of 8-9 October, the stars will be seen falling every hour due to the Draconid Meteor Shower (rain of meteorites). Meteorites are usually formed from comets. When comets orbit the sun, dust and ice come out of them. When passing close to the earth, they look like shooting stars with lights.

Draconid shattering wires are named after the Draco constellations. These are formed when the Earth passes through the debris of the Giacobini-Zinner comet. Usually the breaking stars appear in the early morning but Draconid is best seen in the evening. They are expected to appear on October 8-9.

Even more meteorites
If you do not see Draconid for some reason then in October there will be another meteorite rain. Orionid is expected to be in large numbers the night of 20–21 October. They come from the Orion constellations and belong to the famous Halley’s comet. Also in October will be Taurid which comes from the Tauras Planetarium. It is expected to be on 9–10 October and again on 10–11 November.


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