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Next month, half a kilometer wide Asteroid 2000 WO107 will pass through the Earth, know why NASA is interested

The US space agency NASA has announced that an asteroid will soon pass close to our Earth. This asteroid of 500 meters width will pass 11 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. This means that there is no threat to the earth. However, this asteroid may come closer to Earth in the future.

when will it come?
The Asteroid 2000 WO107 will be released from Earth on 29 November. It can also be viewed with a telescope. However, its speed is very fast and as of now it is estimated that it will pass at a speed of 90,252 km per hour. That is, it can disappear even in the blink of an eye.

Why are you interested?
Scientists are particularly interested in this asteroid due to its huge size. It has been considered as Aten Type Asteroid i.e. its orbit is like that of Earth. It may also come closer to the earth in times to come. It completes one round of sun in 318 days.

NASA keeps an eye
NASA’s Sentry system already monitors such threats. There are currently 22 such asteroids that have little chance of hitting the Earth for the next 100 years. The first and largest Asteroid 29075 (1950 DA) in this list which is not going to come till 2880. Its size is also three times that of the Empire State Building of America and it was believed to be the most likely to hit the Earth at one time.

The 2018 VP1 name Asteroid is expected to hit the Earth between 2020-2025 but it is just 7 feet wide. A larger 177 feet Asteroid 2005 ED224 can hit the Earth between the years 2023-2064.

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Asteroids will pass close to the earth

Asteroids will pass close to the earth


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