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How the end of the world will be discovered in Egyptian inscriptions

In Egypt, 2500-year-old coffins were opened in the past, then once again there has been discussion of buried secrets, secrets and stories in history. Not only this, the chamber was found in the Abusir Necropolis (cemetery) southeast of Cairo where the Royal Leader Khentkaus III was buried. Researchers have come to know about the dangers of the time from the Tomb of Khentkos and claim that history can repeat itself. They say that by accepting the end of the world, an attempt can be made to save it.

Her husband Pharaoh Neferfrey was buried 650 feet away from Khentkos. The new discovery will help project leader Prof. Miroslav Barta, who calls it the black spot of the Old Kingdom. The team of the Czech Institute of Egyptology believes that the inscriptions found here will reveal more about the time.

Czech Institute of Egyptology

Czech Institute of Egyptology

Came to know how the end was
Apart from the remains and inscriptions of humans, archaeologists have found pottery, woodwork, copper and bones of animals here. They have shown how Kentakos lived and his fears about the future are also known. Professor Bart says that this was a time when the Old Kingdom faced many challenges. Democracy was growing, dynasticism was visible, interest groups and climate change not only brought an end to the Old Kingdom but also the Middle East and Western Europe of the time.

History is repeating?
Due to lack of water, the crop was not good and people could not collect tax. The state was not able to develop due to lack of tax. Nor could the ideology and unity of the state be upheld. Professor Bart says that the current climate change can be seen repeating history. He says that history can be learned by studying history.

Czech Institute of Egyptology

Czech Institute of Egyptology

He says that it will take a few years to know what this discovery means for Egypt. They have hoped to learn from the Tomb of Khentkos and to prevent the holocaust that occurred in history this time. He said that if we accept that the end will happen, then we can try to rebuild civilization.


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