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Donald Trump is making this drug free in the country by treating Corona

The world was shocked when US President Donald Trump was reported to be Corona positive. However, since then President Trump has stepped up the process of surprising people. He first went to the hospital for treatment, then returned within three days. Not only this, after coming back, he told the people that there is no need to be afraid of Kovid while it was clearly seen that he was having trouble breathing. Now Trump has claimed that the drugs given to him have shown such a good effect that he is going to free them for America.

Free for america

Trump on Wednesday tweeted a video stating that he was given Regeneron REGN-COV2 along with other drugs. He said that it was the most important and it made him feel very good. He even said that this medicine according to him is a treatment for corona. Trump even went so far as to say that it was God’s blessing to have him corona, which is why he heard about this drug and decided that he wanted to use it. Now he is going to make it free.

Permission to use in emergency

Let me tell you that the experimental antibiotic drug given to Trump has been considered as one of the most effective drugs in fighting Kovid-19 infection. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, which manufactures it, says that the company gave a dose to the trump under special provisions through IV. Actually, the study is still going on but it has been allowed to be used in emergency. It is being used to prevent and treat infections.

Study not completed yet

Earlier, the company had said that in some results of a study done on 275 patients it was found that with its help the symptoms could be reduced and the virus could be reduced within the patients. This test was done on patients who did not need to be hospitalized. However, the study has not been completed yet and the results have not been published yet.

Many medicines were given to Trump

Trump was also given several other medicines. The President’s Physician Dr. Sean Conley had told that he was given the antiviral drug at the Remedesvir Military Hospital. Gilead Sciences has shown that some patients recover faster from it. At the same time, Conley also reported that Trump also had zinc, vitamin D, antacid famotidine, melatonin and aspirin. However, none of these effects have yet been seen against Kovid-19.


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