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new zealand eliminates COVID 19: New Zealand wins again corona virus, countrymen celebrate victory - new zealand wins again on coronavirus countrymen celebrate victory

New Zealand has once again conquered the corona virus. This is the second time New Zealand has overcome this epidemic. The countrymen celebrated this celebration with great success. Earlier on Wednesday, health officials announced that the Auckland Autumn Cluster has come to an end. All 6 infected patients have recovered and there is no case of corona virus left in the country.

These new clusters were identified in August. With this, new cases of corona were reported in New Zealand 102 days later. All restrictions in Auckland were lifted from Wednesday night. The level of the alert was also unified. After the removal of these restrictions, the ban on the gathering of more than 100 people in bars and restaurants in the country has been lifted.

Following this victory, celebrations will be celebrated on 18 October as celebrations. The Health Minister of the country said that this news is a major achievement for the country. The people of New Zealand have once again defeated the Corona virus with their collective efforts. The system that we built after the first web of Corona virus worked very well against the virus. There have been no reported cases of corona virus in New Zealand since 24 September.

How was the corona virus controlled?

Professor Michael Baker, an epidemiologist at the University of Otago, explains that New Zealand took bold and tough decisions from the beginning. Enforced a strict lockdown at the beginning. Completely sealed its borders and insisted on health systems. As a result of this, the situation of the economy is staggering in many countries, so New Zealand has managed to keep the unemployment rate at 4 percent.

He said, “It is a miracle of good science and great political leadership.” If you look around the world, then the countries which have succeeded in controlling the infection, there is usually a confluence of these two things. ‘ The Prime Minister of New Zealand is being praised worldwide for this success.


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