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donald trump afghanistan us army: donald trump declares, american army will withdraw from afghanistan till christmas - donald trump declares us military will withdraw from afghanistan till christmas

US President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that the remaining Amekiri soldiers in Afghanistan should return home by Christmas. Trump made this statement on the completion of 19 years of the US invasion of Afghanistan. The US President tweeted that the American people should expect the remaining troops to return to Afghanistan by 25 December.

Earlier on Wednesday, White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien claimed that by the beginning of 2021, Afghanistan would be reduced to a satisfactory number of troops. He said, ‘When President Trump took office, there were 10,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan. At present, their number is 5 thousand. By the beginning of next year, this number will come down to 2500.

At the same time, US Assistant Secretary of State David Helvey has expressed confidence that by May 2021, all the troops will withdraw from Afghanistan. Brian insisted that American troops needed to return home. He said that the Afghan people themselves are negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban. Contrary to Brian’s claim, attacks on ordinary civilians continue in Afghanistan.

Analysts say that Trump should not have announced the date. This has left the United States weak at the negotiating table with the Taliban. Not only this, there is a large faction inside the Taliban that believes that it can recapture most areas of Afghanistan. The Taliban believe that the peace deal is only an exemption for the larger powers present in the country.


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