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Mike Pence and Kamala in the US Vice Presidential election debate


  • Debate for Vice Presidential election in America
  • Kamala Harris and Mike Pence landed in front
  • Harris besieges government on corona virus
  • Said, Trump will not take the vaccine at all
  • Pence said Harris is creating mistrust

Debate for the US Vice Presidential election took place in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday night. It featured Republican candidates and current Vice President Mike Pence, and Democrat candidate and US Senator Kamala Harris. The debate was not as sharp as the debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden at first, but both candidates were fiercely focused on the corona virus epidemic, apartheid, and the economy.

Climate change
During the debate, on the issue of climate change, Pence refused to say that global warming was caused by human activities. He said Biden’s proposed solutions would be too expensive. Pence also alleged that Biden would ban hydraulic fracturing, while Biden said he opposed the new permit.

The debate’s moderator Susan Page has already warned both candidates that the debate, though interesting, has to be civilized. Indeed, many personal attacks were seen in Trump and Biden’s debate.

A fly-off limelight by US Vice-Presidential Debate, sitting on Mike Pence’s head

Bump into corona vaccine
Surrounding the government on the Corona virus, Kamala Harris said that the country’s President’s rule has seen a historic failure in dealing with it. Kamala even went on to say, “If the public health professional, Dr. Fauchi, tells us that we should take the vaccine, then I will go first, but if I say Trump, I will not take it.” Pence said that Harris was questioning whether the vaccine in Trump’s tenure could be trusted. She alleged that by this she is reducing the confidence of the people.

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Refrain from answering
During this time both the candidates did not openly answer some questions. When the two were asked about their presidential candidacy in the next election, Pence began to talk about the vaccine, while Harris began talking about parents of Indo-African descent and their history. Pence also did not elaborate on Trump and Harris’ detailed information about Biden’s health. Pence thanked the people for wishing Trump’s health. At the same time, Kamla Trump was targeted for not filing tax returns.

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Vice Presidential Debate

Vice Presidential Debate


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