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Mike Pence's head flies during the vice presidential debate


  • US Vice President was running for election
  • Vice President Mike Pence sat down on his head
  • Sitting on Pence’s head for about two minutes
  • Started trending on social media in a short time

These days, the mercury in America is high. In the process of presidential and vice-presidential elections (US Presidential Elections 2020), the debate is going on between the opposing camps. However, on Wednesday, when Vice President Mike Pence descended to attend a debate for the post of Vice President, someone else caught his attention. This work was not done by his rival Kamala Harris but by a fly. In a short time, people started taking pints on social media about this.

Fly on head
Actually, the only debates between Pence and Harris were going on in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mike Pence was speaking of support and respect for the military. Meanwhile, a fly came and sat on his head. Pence was not made aware of this and continued to speak. The fly sat on Pence’s head for over a minute and TV cameras were on his side.

‘Does trash attract’
On seeing this view, people started taking a nip on social media. Most people were seen enjoying Pence’s hair. Users commented that the fly is becoming so highlighted in Pence’s very white hair that it is distracting from his talk. At the same time, someone enjoyed his hair gel. Even some users even wrote that flies are attracted to garbage.

Not only this, the Republican Party, the opposing factions of President Donald Trump and Mike Pence called the incident a symbol. In fact, Pence was dismissive of the charge of institutional racism and apartheid. Meanwhile, when the fly sat on her head, people said that she had come to catch Pence’s lie.

No Pest Control?
Shortly after, Mike Pence started trending on Twitter. People were also surprised to see how long the fly sat on Pence’s head. However, many people also questioned that what was not paste-control for such a big event? At the same time, some people also said that the fly was sitting on Pence’s head for so long and the people present there did not interrupt him.


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