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britain news: misrepresentation of Hinduism in UK schoolbook, apologized after protest - uk school removed workbook from website after objecting to incorrect portrayal of hinduism

A school in England has apologized after protests by several parents and UK Hindu organizations for mentioning terrorism inside a chapter on Hinduism. The school has removed that school workbook from its website. Longley School in Solyhul in the West Midlands region of England said on Wednesday that a few years ago the GCSE Religious Studies: Religion, PS and Conflict Workbook was purchased externally and has now been removed.

School apologizes unconditionally
Longley School said in the statement that unfortunately this document was purchased externally several years ago and was not produced by our staff at our school. We can assure you that it was not used in school. Content is immediately removed from our website. Either way, we are sorry for the misery.

Offensive written in Religious Studies module
This workbook was under the Religious Studies module for students of GCSE Year 10-11 phase, with a stamp indicating that it had the official approval of the Examination Authority AQA for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This workbook was for students of about 15 years.

The publisher had misinterpreted
Angry parents and Hindu groups expressed anger over the matter on social media and exposed the portion of the text that referred to the Mahabharata. In this, war was justified to protect religion. The publishers of this book were misinterpreted.


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