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britain News: guests get exemption from lockdown rules, Indian couple in London drives-in wedding - indian-origin couples drive in wedding to bypass covid guest limit rule in uk

Lockdown regulations have been tightened due to rising cases of corona virus in Britain. Due to this, the number of guests in public programs, weddings, weddings etc. is limited. However, a couple of Indian origin broke their break and organized their wedding by walking in a car in the open field. Such programs are called drive ins. This neutralized the ban on the number of guests attending the wedding.

First to be married on April 20
Roma Popat and Veenal Patel, who live in London, were to marry on 20 April. But, at the same time a lockdown was declared in London due to rising cases of corona virus. Due to this, he had to cancel his plan. When the couple noticed that the corona virus case was still going on for a long time, they discussed their wedding coordinator friend events for Drive in Wedding.

Hundreds of people attended the drive in wedding
Following which last Friday they held a Drive in Wedding at Braxted Park in Chelmsford. During this time, hundreds of people came to know in 100 cars. There was also no violation of the government order due to the people staying inside the car in the open space and all the guests joined in the wedding of this Indian origin couple. He also put a big screen in the park to broadcast the wedding program.

Only 15 people allowed in marriage
Under the British government guidelines, only 15 people are allowed to be part of wedding ceremonies. For this reason many people have postponed weddings. There are some people who are including only close friends and relatives in their wedding. The remaining telecasts are being shown to others through social media or other means.

Bride said – will not forget this day
The bride Roma said that when we had to postpone our marriage in April, we had no idea whether we would be able to get married this year. We have lots of friends and family and we wanted them to be a part of our celebration. Despite everything we had, it was not what we thought. This is a day we will never forget.


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