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america news: former CIA chief supports Biden, says Trump will return for US very bad -

The political clamor for the presidency in America is getting faster day by day. Meanwhile, former US intelligence agency CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden warned that the return of President Donald Trump would be very bad for the US. He supported Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden for the post of president.

His re-election will be very bad for America
He said that I have seen him very closely and now I am afraid. I do not think the President does all things well. I am very sad about this. I think he cannot do another term. If he comes to power, it will be very bad for America. Michael Hayden has worked with the last three presidents.

Trump does all that the President should not do
Things are always difficult in the field of intelligence. Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong. But we are working to do something about it. But Trump does not do this. For example, he should not do the things he does while talking to Russia.

We will have no friend if Trump becomes president again
Former US Army general Michael Hayden said Trump’s second term would be detrimental to the American intelligence community. This will damage America’s alliances around the world. If he was elected for a second term, I think we would be alone. We will not have any friends.

Trump does not care about facts and truth
He said that President Trump neither cares about the facts nor the truth. He referred to white supremacy, saying that trumps cannot even protect the country. I also disagree with some of Biden’s policies, but this is not important at the moment. What is important for America at this time, we should think about it.

CIA Chief was under Bush and Obama’s tenure
Michael Hayden was the director of the CIA from 2006 to 2009 during Bush’s tenure. He has also worked for the CIA for a while under Barack Obama. Hayden is one of 70 security advisors who have served in the Republican term but have given their support to Democratic candidate Biden.


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