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Asian countries News: China building naval base 1200 km from Andaman, occupied this country by giving loan - China building pla navy base in cambodia, 1200 km from andaman and nicobar amid india china standoff in ladakh

China is increasingly working on a strategy of circumambulation to encircle India. First, he is offering loans to India’s neighboring countries. When those countries are unable to repay the debt, China is occupying their land and building its military base. Cambodia has become the prey of the dragon in this episode. China has invested heavily in this country through the Belt and Road project. Which it is no longer able to return to the country.

This base is only 1200 km from Andaman
Cambodia has handed over the Ream Naval Base in the Gulf of Thailand to China for 99 years in return for repaying the debt. This naval base is located about 1200 kilometers from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India. The US has also raised concerns over China’s control of this strategically important naval base. This secret deal between Cambodia and China was revealed last year by The Wall Street Journal of America.

Cambodia ceded China for 99 years
According to a Bloomberg report, Cambodia has leased this naval base to Tianjin, a Chinese company, on a 99-year lease. The company will invest $ 3.8 billion to develop the port. Under this agreement, the Chinese Navy will be able to use this base for the next 40 years. The company is also working on a plan to develop a nearby airport. It is believed that China can deploy its advanced J-20 fighter jets here.

China Base 01

China remains naval base here

Due to the greed of China, this country’s environment, forest-land and animals are on the verge of ruin

China has invested $ 10 billion in Cambodia
China has been investing heavily since 2017 with the intention of occupying Cambodia. At present, China has invested about $ 10 billion in Cambodia. A poor country like Cambodia has failed to pay such a huge amount. Due to this, he has mortgaged the Reem Naval Base, believing China. At the same time, China, as before, is denying that it has acquired this port from Cambodia by getting into a debt trap.

New country trapped in China’s debt trap, had to pay its power grid

Cambodian PM clarifies
Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen has given a clarification in view of the protest after the port was given to China. He has said that China is only going to build infrastructure on this naval base. Hun Sen said at the opening ceremony of a Chinese-owned theme park near the capital Phnom Penh that other countries could also seek permission to halt, refuel, or conduct joint exercises with Cambodia at this port.

Cambodia blows American naval headquarters
A Washington-based think tank based on satellite images reported that a US-built naval headquarters near this base on the southern edge of Cambodia had been blown up by a bomb. America has also expressed deep displeasure over this act. Years ago, the United States had entered into an agreement with Cambodia to prepare this naval base.


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