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pakistan news: pakistan navy to add over 50 wars to its naval fleet amit tension with india

The Pakistani Navy is preparing to increase its tactical and combat strength for war with India. The Chief of Naval Staff of the Pakistani Navy said on Wednesday that through its ambitious modernization plan, we will include more than 50 warships. It will have more than 20 major warships. Pakistan is currently dependent on arms for its evergreen friend China and Turkey trying to become the Khalifa of Islamic countries.

Pakistan is buying warships from China and Turkey
In his farewell ceremony, Pakistan Navy Chief Admiral Zafar Mahmoud Abbasi said that over the next few years, we will include four Chinese frigates and several medium-range vessels made in Turkey between 2023 and 2025. He said that the ongoing Hangar submarine project of Chinese cooperation is proceeding according to its plan. Four submarines are being built for Pakistan and China through this project.

Admiral Zafar becomes the new Chief of Pak Navy
It was during this program that he handed over command of the Pakistani Navy to Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi. He became the 22nd Chief of the Pakistani Navy. The Pakistani Navy said in a statement that the event was held at PNS Zafar in Islamabad. Admiral Niazi was commissioned in 1985 in the Operation Branch of the Pak Navy. Niazi holds a master’s degree in underwater acoustics from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China.

Pakistan Navy 02

China prepares special 054AP stealth warship for Pakistan, may also dodge radars

Pakistan is buying 8 submarines from China
According to a Forbes report, the Pakistani Navy is procuring a Type 039B Yuan class submarine based on Chinese design to increase its strength. This diesel electric Chinese submarine is capable of increasing Pakistan’s naval strength. Which carries anti-ship cruise missiles. This submarine produces low noise due to the Air Independent Propulsion System. Due to which it is very difficult to detect under water.

Pakistani submarine carrying out nuclear attack with Chinese Navy, attempts to surround India

Agosta class submarines capable of nuclear attack
Pakistan operates five Agosta-19B type submarines made in France. Of these, three have been upgraded with Air Independent Power. These submarines are the most powerful and modern in the Pakistani Navy’s arsenal. These submarines are equipped with modern combat systems and AS-39 Exocet anti-ship missiles. In addition, submarines of this class are capable of launching nuclear missile Babur-3.

China is also giving steel freegates to Pakistan
In addition, China is offering type-544A multi-purpose steel freegates to Pakistan that are capable of dodging radars. Apart from this, China is also giving many other weapons to the Pakistani Navy. For this, Pakistan had signed a $ 7 billion deal with China. Pakistan is now buying 70 percent of its weapons from China. In addition, China is preparing to build a naval base in Djibouti, Gwadar and the Maldives. Building a naval base will make it easier for China to send its military equipment anywhere. China is trying to establish its dominance over South Asia after seizing the South China Sea.


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