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Asian countries News: China gives 'friend' a tough blow to Bangladesh, seeks money for trial of its corona vaccine - China hold clinical trial of sinovac vaccine coronavac in Bangladesh, demand fund for phase 3 test

As soon as Bangladesh entered into an Open Sky Treaty with the US, China started showing its true colors. A few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping was talking about taking the strategic partnership with Bangladesh to new heights. On Tuesday, China’s Synovac company has stopped the trial of its Corona virus vaccine in Bangladesh.

Chinese company asks for money for trial
The Chinese company has told Bangladeshi authorities that if they want to trial the Corona vaccine in their country, they will have to fund it. Let us know that at present, many vaccine manufacturers are doing clinical trials in their countries for free on other funds. China itself is also testing its corona virus vaccine in at least 11 countries for free. In such a situation, it may be a ploy for China to ask for money from a small and proportionally poor country like Bangladesh.

The matter reached Sheikh Hasina
Health Secretary Abdul Mannan told the Bangladesh newspaper The Daily Star that the Synovac company has said that we can start a vaccine trial in your country again. But, for this you will have to fund. He said that we will take a decision only after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has spoken. He said that we do not depend on Synovac. The government is exploring all other options after developing the vaccine.

Synovac Company playing game with Bangladesh
It is being said in the media report that the amount of funding has not been mentioned in the letter sent by the Chinese company Sinovec to the Ministry of Health of Bangladesh. There is also no information available on this company’s site about the vaccine trial in Bangladesh. Let us know that Synovac has created a vaccine named Coronavec whose clinical trials are going on in many countries.

US to sign action to save Bangladesh from China’s move, sign open sky treaty

China in an attempt to surround India with the help of Bangladesh
China has been pushing for its inclusion of Bangladesh in its billion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). With the help of this project, China wants to reach the Bay of Bengal. The region has several naval bases and strategic bases including India’s Andaman and Nicobar and Visakhapatnam. The main objective of China is to surround India with the help of Bangladesh. It has already trapped Sri Lanka and Maldives in its debt trap in the Indian Ocean. Nepal is already speaking the language of China and Pakistan is its evergreen friend.

China trapped Bangladesh to surround India, Jinping said – will increase strategic partnership

China has invested $ 26 billion in Bangladesh
Significantly, China has invested $ 26 billion in Bangladesh, while has committed to invest $ 38 billion. With this, Bangladesh has joined the countries where China has invested the most in infrastructure. Bangladesh imports around $ 15 billion from China. While the price of goods exported from Bangladesh to China is much lower than that of imports.


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