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america news: battle force 2045: america, china will leave to build world's largest navy - battle force 2045, america will build world largest navy force amid tension with china russia

Seeing the increasing threat from China, America has announced to make its navy more powerful. Announcing the US Navy’s Future Fleet Plan, Defense Minister Mark Asper said that we will build a large number of attack submarine forces in the coming days. He said that we will manufacture smaller aircraft carriers as compared to nuclear powered heavy carrier carriers. This will ensure our presence in more and more regions of the world.

US Navy will be strengthened by Battle Force 2045
Mark Asper revealed the outline of Battle Force 2045 during an online event at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment. He said that by the year 2045, we will build a fleet of 500 manned and unmanned ships. Apart from this, there are plans to get 355 Traditional Battle Forces by the year 2035. He said that we will invest heavily in small and unmanned vessels to operate it.

Attack will keep eyes under submarine
He said that a fleet of 70 to 80 nuclear powered attack submarines will also be in this fleet. He also said that we should start production of Virginia class three attack submarines in a year at the earliest. We will build a large fleet of attacking submarines. He said that we already have five to six submarines of Los Angeles class. We will further upgrade them and emphasize the number of nuclear attack submarines of the SSN class.

America will develop a light aircraft carrier
Asper said that in the coming days, nuclear powered aircraft carriers will be most visible in guarding our seas. The new air wing of the future will also have to evolve to increase its range and lethality. Those who will replace the light aircraft carriers Nimitz and Ford Class will also have to deal with day-to-day challenges.

If America-China war broke out, which country of South-East Asia would be supported?

America’s eye on these weapons
In addition, the US will put more and more emphasis in making modern warships such as frigates, mines sweepers, petrol vessels, dristroyers. At this time, America is most threatened by China and Russia. To deal with these two countries, the US is insisting on modernizing its military. A few days ago, there were reports that America is working on a mission to make its army small and effective.

China and America face to face in South China Sea
South China has become the second point of tension in Asia. The navies of China, Taiwan, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam are constantly patrolling the area to establish their dominance. At the same time, the Chinese military is continuously threatening war with Taiwan. China’s relations with Japan are also seen to be deteriorating. America has a treaty with these two countries. In such a situation, if China takes any offensive action, then America will have to interfere even if they do not want to.


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