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Man leaves wife for two girlfriends

A man broke his 19-year-old marriage so that he would be in a relationship with more than one woman. At the moment, this man is dating two women simultaneously and both of them also have no problem with this. This is the case of Pennsylvania in America. 46-year-old businessman Shai Fishman and his 42-year-old wife, Daniely, tried to save the relationship through open marriages for the first years. However, when this also did not work, the two separated from each other.

Two companions found online
The idea of ​​Shai dating two women together came after watching some TV serials. It was only then that he started searching for a partner online, where he met 40-year-old Lia and 41-year-old Chrissy. Shai said that he always bothered the idea that he was only allowed to show his love, romance and feelings to only one person. Shai finds that this idea is not meeting his needs.

Needs are not fulfilled
He told, ‘In my opinion, there are six basic needs of a human being. These include diversity, development and service, along with feeling safe, important and loved. Looking at the eyes of others, my life and Danielle’s life might have looked fantastic, but in that relationship, my only three basic needs – love, security and importance – were being fulfilled. I did not see any diversity or development in that relationship. ‘

Shai said that to overcome these shortcomings, the two had previously decided to adopt open marriage, but Daniele did not want to share this change in the relationship with the children. In such a situation, we decided to separate.

Both girlfriends are happy
Shai is currently very happy with her two current girlfriends. These trio openly accept their relationship and now an emotional relationship has also formed between them. Shai told that initially when the three of them went out, people used to stare at them because it is still not common for people to leave with two girlfriends at the same time. However, now the three of us are used to it.


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