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China is opening a security center in Tibet

The Chinese authority has increased police presence in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Many ‘security centers’ have been opened here. Sources in Tibet have told the RFA that this has been done to control the Tibetan people. The local public is kept under surveillance through security centers, thereby establishing a central state control. A New York Times report last year stated that 700 such police outposts serve as community centers in Tibet and the Xinjiang Uyger Autonomous Region (XUAR).

Easy to become a police officer
A source in Tibet has told RFA that security centers are coming up in Lhasa and other cities in Tibet. Along with this, a large number of police officers are being deployed. According to the source, ‘So far 130 such centers have been erected in Lhasa. The Chinese Communist Party is deploying police officers in Tibet. It has become easier for graduates eligible to become police officers to get a job in Lhasa.

Demonstration Stopped
At the same time, another source says that President Xi Jinping’s policy is that the defense of the country border is necessary to protect the country. Maintaining peace in Tibet is important to protect the border. However, in reality so much police has been deployed so that there are no demonstrations in Tibet against the Chinese government. According to Chinese state media, the ‘first youth police school’ in Lhasa was opened on 23 September.

Raised concern
Human Rights Watch in New York has raised concerns over this. He says he is distressed to see security centers soaring in Tibet. The Director of HRW in China said that such activities would control the independence and human rights of Tibetans within Tibet.
(Source: Radio free Asia)


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