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Armenia Azerbaijan War News: Azerbaijan artillery firing fire in Stepan Kurt, Armenia hits back strongly - Azerbaijan artillery fires in stepankert armenia hits back


  • The ongoing fierce war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is not taking its name
  • Cannons of both Azerbaijan and Armenia fire on each other’s territory
  • Azerbaijan reported on Wednesday that a fierce war continues in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh

Yerevan / Baku
The fierce war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is not taking the name of freeze even after all the efforts from all over the world. The cannons of both Azerbaijan and Armenia are setting fire to each other’s territory. Azerbaijan reported on Wednesday that a fierce war is continuing in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Armenia reported that Azerbaijan is firing shells in Steparnkert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh. On the other hand, Armenia has also claimed that it has ruined the large oil base of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense claimed that the enemies had suffered heavy losses in the latest conflict. He informed that an Armenia tank and 3 cannons have been destroyed. There have been a large number of enemy casualties in this war. He claimed that Armenia troops were retreating from the war-torn region due to lack of food, fuel and ammunition.

‘Armenia soldiers beaten up’
On the other hand, Armenia’s Ministry of Defense has claimed that Azerbaijan soldiers tried to gain an edge in the southern part of Qarabakh but Armenia’s soldiers beat them until they reach Jabrayil city. He said that the Armenian troops retaliated and destroyed a large oil base in Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan has clarified that it is not using a cluster bomb.

Earlier, a British newspaper had confirmed that the Azerbaijan army is using banned cluster bombs worldwide in Nagorno-Karabakh. Not only this, many bombs have fallen in civilian areas. At least 266 people have died in this war and 45 civilians are involved.

‘220 soldiers have been killed so far’

Western journalists present in the Nagorno-Karabakh region have confirmed that the Azerbaijan army is using extremely lethal cluster bombs. Small bombs can be seen scattered in Stepenkert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh, without dropping from these bombs. Officials of Nagorno-Karabakh say that 220 soldiers have been killed in this war so far. At the same time, the Armenia government claims that 21 civilians have been killed in the Azerbaijan attack and 82 others have been badly injured.

Azerbaijan authorities have not yet given details of the casualties of their soldiers. However, he said that so far 25 civilians have been killed and 127 others have been injured. Let us know that 109 countries of the world have banned the use of clusters bombs that have caused harm for many years. So far neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan have signed the agreement. Experts say that a large number of ordinary civilians will be accidentally killed in the coming time by a cluster bomb in Azerbaijan in urban areas. It is being told that Israel and Turkey are supplying arms to Azerbaijan.

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Azerbaijan artillery is firing on Armenia


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