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Price record of wheat in Pakistan

The price of wheat in Pakistan broke the record. It has reached the highest ever price in history at Rs 2400 per 40 kg i.e. one kg for 60 rupees. With this, there are indications that the government’s efforts to control inflation and provide food security have failed. Last December, the situation in the country started looking very bad when the price of wheat reached Rs 2000 per 40 kg. This record broke in October this year.

Price announcement
The All Pakistan Flour Association has demanded that the governments of the country and the state announce the purchase price of wheat soon as the harvesting season has started in Sindh and will begin in Punjab next month. At the same time, farmers have demanded that the prices of certified seeds be announced and the price of 50 kg bags should also be announced in the next 24 hours.

The Flour Association says that the mill owners are not responsible for the shortage of wheat in the country. At the same time, the government has imported two lakh metric tons of wheat from Russia which will come this month. The Economic Coordination Committee has taken this step to stabilize prices in the country.

Pak: Terror of locusts, farmers worry – if the condition does not improve then children will have to starve

Many troubles together
Significantly, Pakistan’s economy was already crumbling. On top of that, the corona virus epidemic broke even more. Not only this, the attack of locusts on the country’s farms has also caused heavy damage to the fields. Locusts had decimated hundreds of acres of crop, raising fears that farmers would suffer heavy losses this year and a food crisis in the country.


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