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Asian countries News: China's 'international disrespect' due to Corona, people in survey said - Jinping does not trust - negative views of China rise sharply in advanced countries, says pew research new survey

China’s international reputation has suffered a great deal due to the Corona virus epidemic and increased tensions with neighboring countries. People have outraged China over the Corona virus epidemic. In a recent survey by the international survey agency Pew Research, people in most countries have said that China has done a very bad job in handling the corona virus epidemic.

Xi Jinping lost trust
In the last 12 months, people’s trust in Chinese President Xi Jinping has decreased a lot. 77 percent of people in the US have said that they have no faith in Xi Jinping to do the right thing in global affairs. Pew senior researcher Laura Silver and report co-author Laura Silver said the biggest finding in this survey is that the perception against China is becoming increasingly strong that it has not done the right thing against Corona.

The survey was conducted in 14 countries
American Fact-Tank Pew Research surveyed 14,276 adults in 14 countries between June and August. Surveys were conducted via telephone due to the corona virus epidemic. Countries surveyed include the US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The first case of the virus was reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year. China has since faced criticism over the epidemic.

All countries have some argument about China
In the Pew Research survey, all 14 countries had a negative view of China. Every country except France, Japan and Italy has seen a lot of anger about China. Pew Research has been conducting such surveys since 2002. But, this time the figures are shocking.

The biggest change seen in Australia
There is also a big decline in countries with good opinion about China. For example in 2017 64% of Australians surveyed said they had a positive attitude towards their largest trading partner. But only three years after that, only 14 per cent of people have such opinion. Whereas, in the opinion of 81 percent people, China is their enemy.

74 percent people in Britain are against China
Similar results have come to Britain. In 2018, 49 per cent of those polled said they had a good opinion of China, compared to only 35 per cent with an unfavorable view. Now 74 percent of British citizens say they have a negative view of China.

Because of this people changed their perspective
According to this survey, China’s rating has dropped sharply due to the corona virus epidemic. 61 percent of people from 14 countries have said that China has handled the corona virus epidemic poorly. But, before the epidemic started, by 2019, people’s attitudes about China had started to change. In the last two years, there has been a wave of negative news about the Chinese government.

Insult to China due to these reasons
Criticism of Beijing’s crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong and the detention of Uygur Muslims in Xinjiang have made headlines around the world. Meanwhile, China has also created a new army of its aggressive diplomats, which it calls Wolf Warrior. Who are seen defending Beijing in every way.


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