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uae News: Israeli fighter aircraft thundering over Gaza Strip, bombing several Hamas targets - israeli air force fighter jets bombing hamas targets in gaza in response to new rocket attacks

Tel Aviv
The Israeli army has taken tremendous retaliation against the rocket attacks of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Israeli fighter jets have destroyed and devastated several Hamas bases in the Gaza Strip. Explosive balloons and rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel for the last two months. As a result of which many Israeli citizens have been injured so far. In response to this, the Israeli force is continuously targeting Hamas bases.

Hamas rocket fell into the open, no casualties
Israeli media reported that the Hamas rocket fell into an open area. Due to this, there was no loss of property or property. There was peace on the border for the past one week, but the situation has again become tense due to this rocket attack. Israel blamed the Hamas terrorist organization operating in Gaza for this attack.

Israeli army issued statement
The Israeli military issued a statement saying that despite international efforts, explosive balloons are being sent across the border from Palestine. In addition, rockets are also being fired from the secret bases of Hamas. In response to this, the Israeli Air Force has targeted several Hamas targets. No casualties were reported from the Israeli airstrikes.

Israeli army shoots a Palestinian youth
The Israeli military says its troops have fired on three Palestinian youths in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. They were throwing explosive balloons at soldiers near Enav’s township. He said that one person was killed in this shootout, but two of his companions managed to escape. The army has not said whether anyone was hurt from its side as well.

This is how explosive balloons
According to the Israeli Fire Brigade, these fire bombs are being prepared by placing balloons, inflated condoms, or local exploitative devices in plastic bags. These have led to fire incidents in at least 400 places in southern Israel. At the same time, an Egyptian delegation is trying to make a reconciliation between the two sides.

Egypt and Qatar active to make treaty on both sides
After which both sides agreed that Israel would reduce the 13-year siege of Gaza if Israel stopped sending explosive balloons to the border. Qatar’s Ambassador Mohammed Al Emadi has also joined this international initiative. He has also held talks with Israeli authorities in Tel Aviv.


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