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Asian countries News: US in action to save Bangladesh from China's move, sign open sky treaty - us signs open sky treaty with Bangladesh to countering china in south asia

The United States also seems concerned about China’s increasing influence on India’s neighboring Bangladesh. For this reason, the high-level delegation of US officials held a meeting with Bangladesh officials on Tuesday. During this time, the US and Bangladesh have also signed the Open Sky Treaty. More than 30 countries around the world are connected to this treaty. Which allow movement of uninterrupted passenger aircraft over each other’s territory.

Flight will start between Dhaka from America
Despite the US being busy in its presidential election, it is busy reducing the growing influence of China in South Asia. Even if there is any President in America, everyone keeps an eye on the Indo-Pacific strategy. The meeting was earlier scheduled to be held on 30 September but was delayed due to Corona virus. On behalf of the United States, Keith Kraich, the US Minister for Economic Development, Energy and Environment, attended this meeting.

America will invest big in Bangladesh
During the meeting, the US minister said that companies in our country are ready to invest in the energy, IT, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors of Bangladesh. At the same time, a direct air service agreement between Bangladesh and the US was also started. Under this open sky policy, a direct flight between Bangladesh and the US can be conducted.

US State Department released statement
The US State Department issued a statement saying that the aviation agreement would expand our strong economic and commercial partnership. This will foster people-to-people relations and create new opportunities for airlines, travel companies and customers. Around 5 lakh Bangladeshi people are believed to live in America. This will also allow direct air services to the US from Dhaka. The service was suspended in 2006 due to economic losses.

China in an attempt to surround India with the help of Bangladesh
China has been pushing for the inclusion of Bangladesh in its billion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). With the help of this project, China wants to reach the Bay of Bengal. The region has several naval bases and strategic bases including India’s Andaman and Nicobar and Visakhapatnam. The main objective of China is to surround India with the help of Bangladesh. It has already trapped Sri Lanka and Maldives in its debt trap in the Indian Ocean. Nepal is already speaking the language of China and Pakistan is its evergreen friend.

China has invested $ 26 billion in Bangladesh
Significantly, China has invested $ 26 billion in Bangladesh while it has committed to invest $ 38 billion. With this, Bangladesh has joined the countries where China has invested the most in infrastructure. Bangladesh imports around $ 15 billion from China. While the price of goods exported from Bangladesh to China is much lower than that of imports.

China made 97% of Bangladesh’s products tax free
China, which is playing economic diplomacy with India’s neighbors, announced the withdrawal of tax on 97 percent of Bangladesh’s products. This huge announcement by China was described by the diplomats of Gadgad Bangladesh as a milestone in the relations of Beijing and Dhaka. Bangladesh’s foreign ministry had said that 97 percent of commodities, including fisheries and leather products, have been exempted from Chinese tariffs.


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