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Asian countries News: Chinese media lashed out at the 'barking all, but no one bitten' crowd meeting - all us bark and no bite in quad meeting, says Chinese media global times on quadrilateral security dialogue

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) held a second meeting in Japan’s capital Tokyo on Tuesday to deal with the growing threats from China in Asia. The whole world, including China, was keeping an eye on this meeting. As soon as the meeting of the foreign ministers of America, India, Japan and Australia ended, the Chinese government media started their propaganda war against it. Giving the headline of the news, Global Times wrote that in this meeting everyone was ‘barking’ but nobody ‘bitten’.

America targeted China
The Global Times, in its editorial, fiercely targeted the second meeting of the quad. He wrote that no joint statement was issued despite a meeting of the so-called quad countries in Tokyo on Tuesday. During the meeting, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that this is an important time to counter the exploitation, coercion and corruption of the Communist Party of China in the South and East China Sea, Mekong, Himalayan region and Gulf of Taiwan. However, the member countries of the Quad were cautious about their talk.

Australia and Japan did not name China
Chinese media called the Quad meeting a failure, saying that during separate bilateral talks with Pompeo, Australian and Japanese foreign ministers Marij Payne and Toshimitsu Motegi did not mention China in their speeches. It can be argued that China was already expected not to be named. Because, each member of the quad is speaking according to their own different interests.

America wants to suppress China with the power of India
Attacking America, the Global Times wrote that the US already has a military agreement with Japan and Australia. Now he wants to make military alliances with India in Asia. He wants to rope India in to tighten China by making India a part of this alliance. However, it is not easy for any country to achieve such a goal.

India is more confident than its own strength
The Global Times hoped that India would never favor America. Ever since the Cold War, he has been luring India to his side. India is a country which is more confident than its actual strength. India aspires to become a superpower with strong nationalism in its masses. So he has no intention of dancing to the tune of America.

US Secretary of State Pompeo lashed out at China at Quad’s meeting, told threat to the world

Japan needs China
Japan has long been trying to become a common state and a major power. Historically, Japan has always followed its diplomacy to powerful countries. Nevertheless, Japan will not be a lagoon behind America for its policies and will leave some room for its policies. In addition, Japan needs China’s support to become a common nation and to gain major power status.

Preparations to surround China confirmed, Indian Foreign Minister hinted at Quad meeting

Australia threatened to face serious consequences
The Global Times also openly threatened Australia. Chinese media said that Australia seems to be a loyal follower of the US government. It seeks to promote its own global position by promoting the Quad Alliance. But how much strength does Australia hold with its limited economy and population? Also, if Canberra is intent on defaming China, it will have to face serious consequences.


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