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Asian countries News: US Secretary of State Pompeo, who lashed out at China at the Quad meeting, told threat to the world - mike pompeo says china is threat for world in quad meeting, know future of quadrilateral security dialogue

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeii lashed out at China in the second meeting of The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) held today in Tokyo, Japan’s capital. He called the Chinese Communist Party and China a threat to Asia. The Pompies agreed with Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar’s statement that we are committed to making the Indo-Pacific region free, open and inclusive.

The world is struggling with the threat of China
Pompeo further said that the threats made by the Chinese Communist Party have been opposed by those of us who believe that freedom and democracy are good things for all people living in the region. He said that we are confident that we will leave four countries with significant practical results that will lead to a more prosperous world and a more prosperous region. The whole world is struggling with the threat of China at this time and this is the time when we will take a serious solution against it.

Pompeo lashed on China for Hong Kong
Pompeo also fiercely attacked China over Hong Kong. He said that the Chinese Communist Party has broken the commitments which they had vowed. At the time of Hong Kong’s acquisition, China had said that they would separate one country from two systems for the next 50 years. But, they have snatched away people’s freedom while breaking their commitments.

China is torturing Taiwan
Pompio also expressed anger at the daily threats to Taiwan. He said that we are seeing what is happening in Taiwan. It is not about China vs. the United States. It is about freedom versus tyranny. He asked if the world would be ruled by those who forcefully use power, they use their military to threaten other countries, or would we work in a system that is rule-based and understands that democracy And is there any place for freedom? This is the challenge.

Preparations to surround China confirmed, Indian Foreign Minister hinted at Quad meeting

Know what is quad
The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) started in 2007. However, it started in the year 2004–2005 when India extended a helping hand in the aftermath of the tsunami that hit many countries in Southeast Asia. Four countries in the Quad include the United States, Japan, Australia and India. In March, the Quad also had a meeting regarding the corona virus. For the first time in this, New Zealand, D. Korea and Vietnam also joined.

China is protesting
Ever since the formation of this group, China has been irritated and is continuously opposing it. In the midst of ongoing military tension in Ladakh, China’s official newspaper Global Times continues to threaten India. At the same time, the edict is that India should stay away from the Quad and follow its policy of non-alignment.


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