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america news: 17 year old american girl's feet longest in the world, recorded in guinness book - world longest legs record broken by texan teen maci currin

A 17-year-old American girl holds the record for the longest leg in the world. Maca Currin, who lives in Texas, has a foot length of about one and a half meters. He also holds the record for having the longest leg in the teen category. The total length of currin is 6 feet 10 inches.

Guinness Book tells the length of his legs
According to the official website of Guinness World Records, his left leg is 135.267 cm (53.255 in) long, while his right leg is 134.3 cm (52.874 in). Records website said that her legs are 60 percent of her total height. Explain that the length of all the members in their family is average.

Curin broke this Russian woman’s record
Currin holds the world record with Ekaterina Lisina of Russia. In 2017 Lisina set a Guinness record for being the world’s longest female professional model with a height of 6 feet 8.77 inches. The length of his left leg was 132.8 cm and the length of right leg was 132.2 cm.

Leg 01

The girl with the longest leg (picture – Guinness Book)

This is how the leg length felt
Currin is also active on the social media platform TickTalk. In 2018, he realized the length of his legs when he could not find his size leggings. She was then asked by someone if she wanted customized leggings. Shortly thereafter he measured his feet and applied for the Guinness Book.

Currin prepares to get these records
He said in a conversation with the Guinness Book that there are many advantages and disadvantages to having a longer length. He said that he is proud of having such a physical structure. After achieving this record, she hopes to go to college and achieve the record of being the world’s greatest professional model.


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