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Other countries News: 17 feet monster shark caught in Canada, surprised by length - 17 foot long great white shark caught off nova scotia people were surprised to see monster shark queen of the ocean

Scientists in Canada have caught a 17-foot-long giant great white shark in the North Atlantic Ocean. People in the boat were also surprised after seeing the length of this creature. After measuring the length and weight of the shark, the scientists put a tag on it and left it in the sea. Scientists have called this shark the queen of the sea. Scientists will track the movements of this shark with the help of tags.

17 feet long shark weighs 1600 kg
Reportedly, the shark was caught by the non-profit organization (NGO) OCEARCH team near the island of Nova Scotia, Canada. He said that this shark is named Nukumi. Its length was 17 feet two inches and weighed around 1606 kg. Chris Fisher, who is spearheading the expedition, said it was indeed a very quiet shark.

The age of the shark was 50 years
After measuring the length of the shark, the team said that its age is around 50 years. His team is campaigning to save sea creatures all over the world. He also took several samples of the shark before releasing it. Through which, a lot can be learned about this creature in the coming days. The tags on his body will keep giving data to scientists for the next five years.

Shark 02

Scientists collect samples and tag from sharks

Companies making corona vaccine with shark oil
Currently many manufacturers of the Corona virus vaccine are using shark oil to make their medicine effective. However, the effectiveness of the shark oil vaccine has not been confirmed yet. Yet Shark Alize, a group working for the preservation of sharks, has claimed that up to 2,40,000 sharks could be killed if the vaccine was given to people around the world.

… then 5 lakh sharks will have to hunt
However, some experts say that the figures given for shark illness are very low. To avoid the corona virus, 2 doses of the vaccine are given to the infected. Accordingly, if all people are given a vaccine made of shark oil, then at least 5 lakh sharks will have to be killed for this. Which will decimate our marine environment.

Their population may end
Shark Alleys founder and executive director Stephanie Brendel said that getting something from a wild animal would never be sustainable. The shark is the extreme predator of the sea. It also does breeding in very small numbers. There is no estimate of how long this epidemic will last.


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