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QUAD Countries Meet in Tokyo LIVE UPDATES

Whether India has a border dispute in East Ladakh or East China Sea with Japan, Corona clash with Australia or global rivalry with the US, China is plaguing many countries. Now these four big countries have come together so that China can be declared defiant. For this, Mangalawar is going to meet in Tokyo, capital of Japan, today under ‘The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue’ (Quad), the foreign minister of the Quad countries India-Australia-US-Japan.

The Foreign Minister of India, Dr. S. Jayashankar, gave information about the meeting by tweeting. He wrote that the bilateral and global dimensions of relations with each other were discussed during the meeting. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also attended this meeting. The United States Department of Home Affairs issued a statement a few days ago, describing Arunachal Pradesh as part of India.

Discussion on issues related to China
Officials associated with the Quad meeting say that it will discuss the issue of 5G connectivity, cyber security, a supply chain for manufacturing sector, cooperation in the field of ocean shipping, infrastructure and connectivity. Not only this, the issue of the South and East China Sea, the 6-month standoff in Ladakh, Hong Kong and Taiwan will be discussed.

Preparing to encircle the dragon from land to sea, Quad country erupting today

These issues will also be discussed
Apart from this, all the areas where an alternative to China can be provided will be discussed, including an advance plan for distribution of Kovid-19 vaccine. Also, the leaders of the four countries will discuss the inclusion of Australia in the Malabar Naval Exercise to be held in November near the Andaman Sea. However, no decision has been taken to include Australia in this. The Ministry of Defense of India will announce the inclusion of Australia. It is believed that the path of making ‘Asian NATO’ through the Malabar practice may be clear.


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