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Donald Trump not returning from Corona yet returns to White House


  • Trump returned to White House from Walter Reed Hospital
  • Donald Trump removes mask as he returns from hospital
  • Told people, do not be afraid of Kovid, experts worried
  • New cases of Corona are coming out in the White House

US President Donald Trump went to Walter Reed Military Hospital for treatment of Corona virus infection. Suddenly on Monday, he came back to the White House. It was claimed that Trump was not well, but better than before, so he decided to come to the White House. However, on his return he reiterated that the world need not fear Corona. Experts are concerned that Trump himself has not been able to understand the severity of the epidemic despite being ill and is still adopting a lax attitude.

White House came and removed the mask
After returning to the White House, the President climbed the stairs of the South Portico and removed the mask. He then said that he was fine. He also said goodbye to the returning helicopter. After this, he entered the White House without wearing a mask. Trump had also tweeted before leaving the hospital that he would soon start campaigning.

After returning to the White House, he released another video asking people not to be afraid of Corona. However, during this time, he was having more difficulty in breathing.

Trump returned from the hospital

Trump returned from the hospital

More cases were found in the White House
Navy commander Sean Conley, Trump’s doctor at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, had said that Trump had still not recovered from the infection. However, despite this, Trump decided to return to the White House, where new cases of infection are still coming up. At the same time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with fewer symptoms of Kovid-19 should isolate themselves for 10 days.

And epidemic can spread
With Trump returning, the question has arisen as to how the rest of the officers will be protected from infection. Not only this, the impact of the disease on the trump is also being discussed. Dr. Conley has not mentioned anything about Trump’s lung condition. Kovid affects the lungs of most patients the most. Seeing the attitude of Trump, it has also been said that this may also give people a reason to behave in such a way that the epidemic can be further spread.

Common people are not lucky with Trump
After Trump’s comment, Dr. David Ness of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center said that one should see the reality about it. Kovid is completely dangerous for the US population. Most people are not as lucky as the president. Trump has not yet been given all doses of the antiviral drug remodecyr. He is to be given his fifth and last dose on Tuesday.

Doctors were also irritated by this ‘action’ of Trump battling Corona!


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