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Life on other planets can be better than Earth


  • Scientists gaze at finding life on other planets
  • Two dozen planets have been found where better life is possible than Earth
  • Signs of life not yet found, telescopes will help
  • A new generation telescope can be discovered in the coming times

Scientists say that along with the new generation of super-powerful space-based telescopes, there has also been a need to find planets where life can be settled. Researchers in Germany and the United States have studied around 4500 exoplanet (Exoplanet, planets that orbit a star) outside our solar systems. They have found that on two dozen planets there can be better conditions than the Earth.

Our sun of 8 billion years
According to a study published in the journal Astrobiology, there are many planets where there are different circumstances. Some of these are more wet, some are warmer and some are larger than the earth. Astronomers are searching for planets on which the water circling the star is in a liquid state. Among these planets, K Dwarf were also planets orbiting the stars. K dwarf is colder than our sun. However, their life varies between 20-70 billion years while the life of our sun is considered to be only around 8 billion years.

Life is not found, but it is possible
Scientists believe that if life is found on these solar systems, then they would have had more time to become even more complex like our Earth. At the same time, it becomes even more complicated when factors such as the age of the planets, the absence of a magnetic field protecting the stars from radiation. No planet yet discovered has been found to be quite accurate. However, four such features have been found on a planet that scientists consider important.

Difficult search in the coming times but …
Researchers say that the planets included in this list are 100 light years away from our Earth, that means it will not be possible to go there in the coming years. However, according to Dr. Dirk Schulz Makuch, Professor at the Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics of the Technical University of Berlin, these results can benefit even before super-fast travel. He has said that with the help of more advanced space telescopes, more information will be available and some targets can be fixed.

Space telescopes will start a new era
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to launch next year. The LUVOIR Space Observatory Concept, the European Space Agency’s PLATO space-telescope, also has high expectations. Schultz says that we have to focus on such planets where the situation seems more likely. However, we should not stay behind to find another Earth because life on some planets can be better than the Earth.

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