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uae News: Saudi Arabia, furious over Erdogan's statement, said - boycott everything of Turkey - saudi arabia calls citizens to boycott everything turkish on recep tayyip erdogan statement

Saudi Arabia is furious at Turkey trying to become the new caliph of Islamic countries. Fueled by President Erdogan’s statement, Saudi Arabia has appealed to its citizens to boycott everything in Turkey. Erdogan had alleged that some Gulf countries were plotting to destabilize Turkey. He also recently targeted Saudi and its neighboring countries from the United Nations Forum.

Appeal to boycott turkey
The head of Saudi Arabia’s Chamber of Commerce, Azlan al-Azlan, appealed to the people that in response to the Turkish government’s continued hostility against our leadership, it is the responsibility of every Saudi – businessman and consumer to boycott Turkey. Whether it is at the level of import, investment or tourism.

Turkish President accuses Gulf countries
The Turkish President had accused the Gulf countries in the UN General Assembly that they were playing tricks to destabilize Turkey. He said tauntingly that it should not be forgotten that the countries surrounded by questions had no existence yesterday and may not even exist in the coming days. But, we will continue to hoist our flag in this area forever with the permission of Allah.

Relations deteriorated due to Khashogi murder
Relations between the two countries have also been strained since the killing of journalist Jamal Khashogi at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul in 2018. Erdogan stated that the order to kill Khashogi came from the highest levels of the Saudi government. However, he never directly blamed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. However, in many circles, the name of Saudi Crown Prince was definitely taken.

Saudi reverses the sentence of Khashogi’s killers
The Saudi Arabian court overturned the execution of the five convicts in the Khashoggi massacre after a closed-door hearing a few days earlier. He was sentenced to 20-20 years of imprisonment by the court. It was then argued that Khashogi’s son has forgiven these culprits. In return, he was given thick compensation by the Saudi government.


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