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America gets emotional looking at empty chairs in memory of people dead from Corona, photos viral - 20000 empty chairs set up outside national mall near white house on covid 19 remembrance day in us

A gathering was held in the US to pay tribute to those killed by the corona virus. During this time, pictures of 20 thousand chairs kept empty in honor from the victims are now going viral all over the world. Nearly two lakh people have died of corona virus in the US so far. Whereas, the total number of infected people there has reached 7 million. The US has been at the top of the list of Corona affected countries for the past several months.

Photos on social media go viral

A social media user shared the picture and wrote that today is National Covid-19 Day of Remembrance. In America, 20 thousand empty chairs are honoring the lives of more than two lakh 9 thousand people. All of them have their eyes on the White House. Many users also sent emotional comments tweeting these pictures. One wrote that we all lost a loved one due to Corona. These empty chairs in his honor remind us of him.

Inconsolable people all over america

Grammy Award-winning singer Dion Warwick said that these chairs are a Vizuvally Ort installation that has been showing a portion of the unimaginable and heart-breaking pain of over 2 lakh jingdis in the last six months. Please tell that Dionne Warwick was one of the organizers of the event. He said that it is time to stand up with all the infection survivors and Americans who have been devastatingly affected.

Most deaths due to corona in America

Four percent of the world’s population lives in America. Whereas, the total deaths in America due to corona virus is 20% of the deaths worldwide. The pace of transition in this country is still very fast. US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have also been found infected with the Corona virus. He is being treated in a US military hospital.


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