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india corona vaccine: One in every 10 people infected with corona virus in the world, WHO revelations raise concern - one in every 10 people infected with coronavirus in the world, who revelations raise concern

The World Health Organization has revealed that one in every 10 people worldwide may be infected with the corona virus. At the WHO’s 34-member executive board meeting on Monday about the corona virus, Dr. Michael Ryan said that the numbers could change in urban and rural areas. He clarified that this does not mean that large populations of the world are at risk.

Experts have also expressed concern
Experts have already been saying that more people are being infected than the number of cases of corona virus being reported. The reason given is that many countries affected by Corona lack basic health services. Due to this, neither corona virus is being tested on time nor sick people are being treated.

There is no condition of herd immunity anywhere in the world
WHO’s head of emergency cases, Michael Ryan, has already said that there is no Herd immunity situation anywhere in the world. He had said that we should not live in the hope of gaining herd immunity. He said that as a global population, we are nowhere near the situation that is necessary to stop the spread of the virus.

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50% of world population needs vaccine
Senior Advisor to the Director General of WHO, Dr. Bruce Alward, said that the widespread vaccination with a corona virus vaccine would be aimed at bringing more than 50 percent of the world’s population under its purview. For this, the World Health Organization is also working on a big scheme. Which will ensure the reach of the vaccine to all the countries of the world.

What is herd immunity
Herd immunity is not the name of a medical procedure. If an infectious disease is spread, herd immunity is the stage when a certain part of the population becomes immune to that disease. That is, the virus is not spread in the rest of the population. The term herd immunity is commonly used in the context of vaccination. But herd immunity can be achieved even when a significant number of people are infected after infection. This is what the Herd immunity from Corona actually means. According to this, if a certain population is immunized, then those people will not be able to infect anyone else. This will break the chain of community transmission.

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