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Asian countries News: North Korea shows intercontinental ballistic missile, South Korea comes in panic - north korea moving intercontinental ballistic missile in pyongyang, south korea korea fears

An intercontinental ballistic missile from North Korea has been spotted on the outskirts of Pyongyang. US and South Korean security agencies reported that Kim Jong-un placed the missile with four mobile launchers in the city’s outer limits. It is feared that it will be displayed in the parade to be held on the 75th Foundation Day of the Korean Workers Party on 10 October.

Preparation to show in parade on 10 October
Senior South Korean officials have said that the missile is larger than the missile tested in 2017. We believe this missile will be displayed in the parade to be held on 10 October. In 2017, North Korea test-fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the Hwaseong-15.

Secret submarine will also be launched
There is a lot of speculation about North Korea’s missile. It is also being said that North Korea cannot develop this ICBM missile without the help of any other country. Intelligence officials have also stated that North Korea may also display a new submarine during the parade.

This missile is more dangerous
Defense analysts say that so far North Korea has only liquid fuel-based missiles that take time to prepare and cannot be left in a ready-to-launch state. While solid fuel missiles can be refueled, they can also be launched quickly. Detecting them is also difficult to eliminate.

Demonstrating power before presidential election
It is believed that North Korea may show power before the presidential elections in the US in November. For this, the country’s army has also started exercises. This preparation can be seen in Pyongyang’s satellite photographs. From the activities taking place in Yongbyon, it can be assumed that North Korea is working on uranium.


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