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nawaz sharif sedition case filed: pakistan army criticized, sedition case filed against nawaz sharif and his son-in-law - nawaz sharif criticized the pakistan army sedition case filed against him


  • A sedition case was filed against former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
  • According to Pakistani media, this case has been registered against Nawaz in Lahore
  • In the FIR, Nawaz was accused of conspiring to deliver inflammatory speech in London.

A sedition case has been registered against the former Prime Minister of the country, Nawaz Sharif, who is exposing the exploits of the Pakistan Army. According to Pakistani media, this case has been registered against Nawaz Sharif in Lahore. The FIR states that Nawaz Sharif conspired against prestigious institutions in Pakistan by making inflammatory speeches in London.

The FIR states that the purpose of these speeches by Nawaz Sharif is to declare Pakistan a state of hooliganism. A day earlier, a sedition case was also filed against Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law Capt (retd) Muhammad Safdar. He was accused of instigating people against the country and institutions.

India is helping Nawaz Sharif: Imran Khan
Earlier, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan alleged that India is helping Nawaz Sharif to weaken the Pakistani army. Imran said that Nawaz Sharif is playing a dangerous game by accusing the army of political interference. He claimed that the best relationship between the military and the government at this time in the history of Pakistan. Imran’s statement has come at a time when he has opened a front against the army over interference and corruption in politics.

Imran Khan said in a conversation with a TV channel in Pakistan, ‘Nawazab Sharif is playing a dangerous game. Altaf Hussain also played a similar game. I am 100 percent confident that India is helping PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif. ‘ He said, “If our army is weak then in whose interest is it?” Imran said that there are some foolish liberals who agree with Nawaz Sharif’s statement.

Nawaz Sharif has India’s support

The Pakistani Prime Minister said that Nawaz Sharif was making a big mistake by attacking the army. He is a coward and I am sure that he has the support of India. He said that the government had allowed Nawaz Sharif to go on humanitarian grounds but now he is doing politics. We have come to know that he is meeting many people and plotting against the country. Imran claimed that he is the first leader in the history of the country who has not been raised in an army nursery like Nawaz Sharif or Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.


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