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Rest of Europe News: Severe storm rains affect life in Italy, 7 dead, many missing - storm alex floods and landslides hit italy, 7 dead

Millions of people have been affected by the severe storm and rain in Italy on Friday. The bodies of at least five people have been found in the northwestern part of the country on Sunday. It is feared that many bodies may have reached the area of ​​France in the stormy rains. Italy’s hurricane-hit region is bordering France. Italian relief and rescue teams say the death toll may increase further.

Five bodies found on Sunday
Officials said that two people died on Saturday, while more than nine people have gone missing after heavy rains. Let us tell you that this storm caused devastation in the border areas of Italy and France on Friday. Police said the four bodies were found near the border banks of Ventimiglia and Santo Stefano al Mare. However, the fifth body was found on the bank of a river stream. None of the dead bodies could be immediately identified.

Loss of millions of Euros in Italy
Italy has lost millions of euros due to storms and rains. Many roads and bridges have been washed away. While in some cities, roads are piled with mud, debris and cars. Cleanliness work is also being done rapidly in cities. Roads blocked due to debris are also being opened.

Recorded rain, coffin washed away from cemetery
Officials in the Piedmont region, located near the border with Switzerland, said Sambughetto recorded a record 630 mm in just 24 hours. This amount is more than half of the yearly rainfall. A three-story house in Limon Pymonte, near France, has flowed into a river with its foundation. In a village near Tanaro, dozens of coffins have been washed away from the cemetery due to flood waters.


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