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america News: How is Corona infected Donald Trump now?  Know when will shift to white house - donald trump covid-19 condition latest updates, know what doctors says on his health condition

Amid rumors about the health of US President Donald Trump, doctors treating him have released a statement. He has said that the condition of President Trump is improving rapidly. He has not had fever since Friday morning. The amount of oxygen in the blood is also increasing rapidly. Doctors also said that they could return to the White House on Monday. He is currently being treated at the US Army’s Walter Reed Medical Center Hospital.

Being treated with Dexamethasone and Remedisvir
Doctors said that President Trump, who is suffering from lung disease, was given supplemental oxygen twice on Thursday and Friday. In addition, Trump was given a dose of dexamethasone. Dexamethasone has been shown to be effective in the treatment of patients suffering from oxygen deficiency. Dr. Brian Garibaldi stated that Trump had been given dexamethasone due to lack of oxygen. He took his first dose on Thursday and we plan to continue it now.

Trump’s health is improving
Dr. Sean P. Conley at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center said that his health was steadily improving. He has not had fever since Friday. After completing the five-day course of Remedisvir medicine, his liver and kidneys are functioning properly. Apart from this, zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and aspirin are also being given to Trump.

Corona’s experimental drug given to Trump
Trump is also being given the corona virus experimental drug REGN-COV2 (polyclonal antibody). It is made by the American pharmaceutical manufacturer Regeneron. This drug is formulated by combining several drugs of the corona virus endobodies. At the same time, this drug is also being used in the UK for recovery trials. A professor at Oxford University has described this medicine as very positive and very powerful.

Donald Trump’s condition was worse than what was told, White House accepted the truth

Trump was recruited due to deteriorating health
White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said President Trump’s health was worse than what was reported on Friday. Due to high fever and low oxygen in the blood, the doctors advised Trump to be hospitalized.

What would happen if Donald Trump suddenly quit his presidential candidacy?

Meadows told Trump’s real situation
Meadows said during a conversation with Fox News on Saturday night that the biggest thing is that he no longer has fever. Now the amount of oxygen in their body is also more than before. Yesterday morning we were really worried about it. He had a fever and his oxygen level dropped rapidly. Despite this, President Trump was standing and walking.

New drug of corona virus being given to Donald Trump, showing magical effect

Due to this heavy corona on the trump
Experts say that getting older, being male and other diseases earlier increases the risk and these things are there in the trump. Dr. David Bannach of the University of Connecticut said that Trump’s age at 74 is the primary risk factor. Apart from this, their weight is also high.


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