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britain News: pictures of 29,000 kg carrots spread across the street in London go viral, people asked- why dump here?  - why 29000 kilograms of carrots were dumped on a london street outside goldsmiths college

In London these days the picture of 29,000 kg carrots spread on the road remains a matter of discussion. People are asking each other on social media that why such carrots have been thrown on the road in such a large quantity? Viral photos of a carrot pile are outside Goldsmiths College in South London. It is being claimed that a truck dumped such a large number of carrots on the road outside the college campus.

College raised curtain from secret
On the questions being asked in social media, Goldsmiths College broke the silence after some time and revealed the whole sentence. The college said that these carrots were part of a student’s ort installation. This is an installation called grounding. It is composed by artist and MFA student Rafael Perez Evans. The college also reported that the installation is part of Goldsmiths’ MFA degree show.

Artist told why he used carrots
Artist Rafael Perez Evans stated that these carrots were not edible. Most of these were cut into pieces. These carrots will be removed after the exhibition and pets will be given to fodder. His artwork displays the ongoing tension between the village and the cities. In which European farmers are protesting by dumping their crop in the middle of the city due to not getting the proper price for the crop.

A pile of carrots still exists there
As reported by Sky News, even after the end of this installation on Tuesday, carrots have not been sent to feed the animals. Students are posing on a pile of carrots and photographing them. Many students are taking carrots from them and taking them to their homes for dinner.

People divided on social media
Separate comments were received on social media about his installation. Many people even described it as food wastage. One user wrote that if they had not been dropped on the ground, it could have been given to organizations that feed the hungry. At the same time, many people said that they have demonstrated the problems of farmers through their art.


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