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america News: Donald Trump's condition was worse than reported, white house accepted truth - white house acknowledges donald trump condition had been worse than revealed


  • White House targets Donald Trump’s health, now confession is true
  • On Friday, officials had said – Trump’s condition is fine, no symptoms
  • Donald Trump is undergoing treatment at Army Hospital, health is improving

Two days after US President Donald Trump’s corona virus got infected, the White House finally acknowledged the truth about his health. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said President Trump’s health was worse than what was reported on Friday. Due to high fever and low oxygen in the blood, the doctors advised Trump to be hospitalized.

Meadows told Trump’s real situation
Meadows said during a conversation with Fox News on Saturday night that the biggest thing is that he no longer has fever. Now the amount of oxygen in their body is also more than before. Yesterday morning we were really worried about it. He had a fever and his oxygen level dropped rapidly. Despite this, President Trump was standing and walking.

White House had previously hidden information
Let me tell you that many officials of White House including Meadows had said on Friday that the health of the trump is good and they have mild symptoms. Trump’s health was reported by Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley and other doctors as normal. However, many experts had questioned this even then.

How deadly is a corona infection for a 74-year-old trump? Will he be removed from the presidential race

Due to this heavy corona on the trump
Experts say that getting older, being male and other diseases earlier increases the risk and these things are there in the trump. Dr. David Bannach of the University of Connecticut said that Trump’s age at 74 is the primary risk factor. Apart from this, their weight is also high.

White House shares Donald Trump’s photos- ‘This person never stops working’

Trumps treatment continues in military hospital
President Donald Trump is currently admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment of Corona. However, there is also a presidential suite in the hospital from where Trump is doing his work. White House has also shared two photos in which Donald Trump is seen working. With this, an attempt has been made to put an end to their health speculation. Trump himself also shared the video claiming that he is better now.

What will happen if Trump suddenly leaves the presidential candidature?

48 hours were important
At the same time, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Saturday that Corona virus-infected US President Donald Trump had gone through a ‘very worrying’ phase on Friday and the next 48 hours would be very important for his health. The remarks were made after the revelation that Trump was given oxygen at the White House before being taken to the hospital on Friday. Staff at the White House, however, said that the Trump had seen only minor symptoms.


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