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Rest of Europe News: Azerbaijani force releases heavy bombing of Armenian army bases, aerial footage - armenia azerbaijan war latest news nagorno karabakh conflict drone attacks video on military post

The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia started on Monday still continues. More than 200 people from both sides have also died during this battle. At the same time, the force of Azerbaijan has claimed that their army has fiercely bombed several military bases and tanks in Armenia. Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense has also released several videos taken from drones to substantiate its claim. In which it is shown targeting the Armenian targets with missiles and bombs.

Both countries are making different claims
At the same time, Armenia’s Ministry of Defense claims that its forces maintain their strong hold in many areas of Nagorno-Karabakh. The Ministry of Defense has also claimed that they killed a military plane in Azerbaijan. Both sides are claiming heavy damage to each other during the fight. However, it has not yet been independently confirmed how much truth lies in whose claim.

Ceasefire appeals have no effect
Many countries around the world, including Russia-America and France, are constantly appealing for a ceasefire from both countries. However, their appeal does not seem to have any effect on these two countries. The fight started over the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh region is still going on and both sides are also continuously targeting each other’s civilian areas. Experts are calling it the most fierce battle between the two countries since 1990.

There is a danger of war in Russia and Turkey
The escalating war in Armenia and Azerbaijan poses a threat to Russia and Turkey jumping into it. While Russia is supporting Armenia, NATO countries along with Azerbaijan are Turkey and Israel. According to the New York Times report, Armenia and Russia have a defense treaty and if these Azerbaijan attacks occur on the territory of Armenia, Russia may have to come to the front. On the other hand, Armenia has said that there have been some attacks on its land as well.

Turkey and Israel with Azerbaijan
On the other hand, Turkey and Israel stand with Azerbaijan. Turkey has issued a statement saying that we understand that this crisis will be resolved peacefully but till now the Armenian side does not seem inclined for it. Turkey said that we will continue to stand with the people of Azerbaijan against the aggressive action of Armenia or any other country. It is believed that Turkey was pointing towards Russia. At the same time, Israel is also supplying deadly weapons to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s killer drone was blown up by Armenian military post, see video


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